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Delivering Salesforce products from the very beginning of architecture planning, then writing code that strictly follows standards and best practices, and finally deploying results to production with ant toolkit, possibly employing continuous integration scripts, or keeping it all simple and old-fashioned with change sets - it all depends on client's organisation structure and requirements. During all of this operations there should be trainings for end users performed, so that everyone involved will be ready to take full advantage of the functionality developed.

I was lucky to work with second most complex Salesforce implementation of the World using cutting age technologies, forging skills and now am able to apply the knowledge for many more customers wanting to succeed.

Writing software is like art. It is a matter of creating something beautiful, intuitive, well structured. Plus it should be well documented and explained. I like to work, a lot, and am happy to see good results which satisfy client's needs. I try to find approaches which will ensure that final deliverables are easy to use, maintain and expand. I'm trying to look into the future, to predict possible expansion possibilities as well as bottlenecks and finding ways to minimise their impact while still delivering as good end product as possible. I will not allow myself to create something mediocre.

Respectful, highly professional communication with clients is important. High moral values, readiness to help, to answer questions at any time, to support and explain something, healthy collaboration, teamwork - this brings light into day to day activities. Bringing customer to success and seeing them learn and understand important concepts about products delivered is highly appreciated.

Thank you for reading the text! If you are interested, please send a message about your project requirements, I will be more than happy to help!



Standard Salesforce: Workflow/Validation rules, SSO options, connected apps,
sites/portals/communities, ant, Workbench, Dataloader

Apex: async Apex (batch jobs, future calls, schedulers), SOQL/SOSL/DML operation,
custom SOAP/REST services, mock interfaces, unit tests,
triggers, standard controller extensions
REST API, integration with external SOAP/REST services, Lightning components

Visualforce: standard component library, custom components,
Visualforce remoting, Ajax, Visualforce templates

Mobile: Salesforce1, Android SDK

Frontend: AngularJS 1 and 2, HTML, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery

Java: JavaSE, Android, Java-Salesforce integration

Server applications: Go programming language, Amazon web services



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Salesforce Sandbox Data Migration

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