Although we are just ordinary people, we’d like to make the world a better place for things we care about. Whenever the hand of fate strikes and puts people in distress, we donate some money, resources or both.

We housed Ukranian refugees, gave quite a lot of money to charities when the floodings in the Ahrtal occurred and regularly try to save the rainforest and its inhabitants.

We think that mammals have feelings, just like us.
We don’t think mankind is entitled to destroy their habitats just for profit. Great apes especially are under dire distress and that’s why we choose to donate regularly to habitat preservation projects.

Orangutans are the most intelligent beings on the planet after human beings, and they adapt to the environment by passing their culture down to each generation. A self-aware being, is as intelligent as a six year old child.

Being the slowest reproducing species in the world, they are highly prone to extinction, so if we do not act now we could lose them in our lifetime. Which we don’t want. Thus we have adopted a Oran Utan and also provide funds to retain the rainforest via the Orang Utan Project.

There’s also a German charity called on the web.