Sometimes you already have a development team, governance and everything you need but somehow your development endeavours don’t yield the expected results? Well, we’ll happily come by and review your setup.

Our vast experience enables us to spot problems in your governance setup, processes, IT- or software architecture.

Either process- or technical experts will take a look and tell you quite blatantly what they think is wrong. That is not always nice or politically correct, but the best way to help you.

Moreover, inexperienced teams that seek guidance can be trained and consulted by us.

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Design Patterns

Design Patterns & Software Architecture principles are fundamental tools every software engineer needs to know. Build up or refresh the knowledge of your employees so that they become fluent in applying them on a daily basis.

Managing complexity

Managing complexity in software is a constant struggle when applications grow. We give your employees the tools and security they need to keep your software maintainable.


Scrum is one of the core processes in a world of ever-changing business and customer needs. We help team members and Product Owners get a better understanding of how they can apply Scrum in a complex environment.