CUSTOM Software Development

Sometimes a standard solution doesn’t fit your needs.
What you need is a custom build. We have implemented so many systems, that, honestly, we’ve lost count. All of our employees and partners have been selected from people who really know what they are doing and have a track record of success.

As time progressed, we have seen the rise and fall of technologies.
We have built large Enterprise Java applications, created fat clients with Windows Presentation Foundation, became experts in Spring; all while optimizing relational and NoSQL databases. And then we learned everything about web applications and how to create modern GUIs with JavaScript.

We built applications that scale – hosted on premises in the past and mostly in the cloud today.

During that journey, we realized that the buzzword of the day is not as important as the paradigms and foundations of software engineering. Those things never get old, in fact, often times the past is rediscovered.

This knowledge helps us adapt to every „technology change“ rather quickly and with high quality so that we can build high performing, resilient systems. In the end, all things in computers are just ones and zeroes.

But we have also learned a lot about development processes in general. We know when to deviate from the playbook – or stick to it when it might not seem obvious at first glance.

Not only do we consult on efficient processes. We also use them ourselves to give you more development bang for the buck.