Salesforce is on the rise. We have seen many enterprise customers acquiring Salesforce and then customizing it until what was once a purchased standard software barely remains visible.

Such Salesforce implementations have their own unique set of challenges. You will need proper development processes, proper planning and most importantly a proper software architecture. It is this last point that is most often neglected when Salesforce is introduced, because non-techies can do everything with low code, right?

But that is the wrong approach for most large organizations. You absolutely need independent consultants with software engineering know how for such a project. You absolutely need real software architects and engineers who happen to know Salesforce as well.

Most Salesforce enterprise customers realize this too late, when changes become expensive and the quality of the application deteriorates. It’s hard to quantify how much time and money has been lost to the naive development approaches that Salesforce advertises.

We deliberately choose not to become a Salesforce partner.

We like to stay independent consultants that can provide advice on what is best for you and your company. We can advice on how your implementation should ideally be done instead of following a technical agenda that might not fit your needs.

That said, we’ve delighted large clients with our counsel and services in the past, especially when they had to customize Salesforce a lot. We can shorten your deployment times, break down your monoliths and provide you with future proof architecture for your endeavours!